All About Burst Geysers And How To Fix Them

The most susceptible time for geysers to burst is during winter. Geysers that have burst can be very damaging and expensive for property and personal items, and much of the time are the end consequence of faulty installation. Most home-related insurance claims are water related, and of these, almost 70% are geyser related.

If you go through having your geyser burst, the first and most vital thing to do to protect your home and family is turn off the electrical supply. There have been reported cases of empty geysers that have been left to heat up, burning the house down. If water gets into the electrical supply it can cause fire or electrocution. If water has gotten into the electrical supply due to a burst geyser, you should call an electrician and not attempt to rectify the problem yourself.

Although referred to as β€œbursting”, most of the time geysers do not burst. Geysers are usually worn out and damaged from years of wear and tear without efficient maintenance. Sometimes geysers can burst due to having the wrong thermostat settings – if the thermostat settings on the geyser are too high, the built up pressure from the steam can cause the geyser to literally burst – although this is rare and most geysers bursting are the cause of faulty installation or bad maintenance.

Burst geysers can be extremely expensive to fix or replace, and even moreso if you need to cover the cost of damages walls, furniture or carpeting. Most of the time, a burst geyser cannot be fixed by an inexperienced individual and will need to be repaired or replaced by a qualified plumber. Having someone who is not experienced or qualified try to repair your burst geyser can lead to further damage, and therefore, further costs.

You should have structural insurance on your home, so if your geyser does burst, you will be able to transfer the financial burden onto an insurance company. Having content insurance for your household items can ensure that any damages furniture or personal items can be replaced.
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