Frequently Asked Questions

I have a burst geyser, what shall I do?

Call AD Plumbing on 082 218 0650. Then switch off your water supply! It is important to prevent more water running into the geyser and leaking through your ceiling. Switch off the power of your geyser too. Relieve the pressure from inside of your geyser by opening all your hot water taps.

How can I save water?

Install flow restrictors on your basin taps, sink taps, shower rose.

Don’t flush your toilet every time; flush it once a day if possible.

Do not let the tap run whilst brushing your teeth or shaving, brush teeth with a cup of water, shave in a bowl of warm water.

Harvest rain water, invest in a water storage tank and use that water to flush toilets etc.

Why should I hire a certified plumber?

Plumbers must demonstrate their proficiency in multiple plumbing skills in order to receive their certificate. Safety is crucial, therefore your plumbing specialist must know all rules and regulations. With Andrew Duncan Plumbing you can be assured that their work is technically perfect, with sufficient knowledge and precision. You can see the Andrew Duncan Plumbing certificate below. No job too small for AD Plumbing, contact us on 082 218 0650 or send us an email >

Why is my hot water cold?

That can happen due two reason, either the thermostat or the element has packed up.

Why is the hot water coming out of the overflow from the geyser?

If there is a hot or boiling water coming out of the overflow from the geyser it means that the thermostat has stopped working and the safety valve has blown off which is doing its job to relieve pressure.

Firstly switch off the electricity to the geyser and then call Andrew Duncan Plumbing.

Why is the water continuously running in the toilet bowl?

This is because the inlet valve has torn a washer and either the valve must be replaced or a new washer needs to be installed.

Why there is no pressure coming out of a tap?

If there is no pressure coming out of a tap in the bathroom or kitchen, do following:

Remove the aerator spout.

Clean out the filter of debris and your pressure will be back ;)

If the problem remains, call Andrew Duncan Plumbing service.