Getting a Quote From a Plumber

Since plumbers are notoriously expensive, one would be forgiven for thinking that getting quote from a plumber would relative simple. However, this is far from the truth. Plumbers are notorious for taking their time getting to you. Most them would flatly refuse to give you a quote over the phone, and those who do expect you to realise that this is nothing more than non-committal estimation. Plumbers prefer to give their quotes on site. Supposedly is this so that they can give you an accurate quote, but as many home owners would attest to, the real reason they would like to see your home first, is that they can assess your worldly goods and give you maximum price that you could afford.

Because plumbers operate as a band of villains do not think that you get a better price from any of the rival plumbers, if anything the next quote will probably higher than the first, thus making the first plumber look like a fair minded saviour. Plumbers know that is in their best interests to operate in this way, because sooner are someone is going to call them to provide a more reasonable quote.

Plumbers are skilled artisans who have dedicated a large time to study to their chosen field, this is why  they feel that they have the right to make as much, and generally it is more, as a doctor or lawyer. This is why plumbers are never shy or apologetic the size of the quote the have just given. This especially true when they are called out late at night or on weekends, in these cases they are in fact belligerent when they hand you  quote, as if they have forgotten that you are paying a king’s ransom to just get them there.

Plumber quotes are almost laughable, almost. Were it not for the exorbitant amount of money that you are forced to hand over, the little pantomime display which they treat home owners to, would actually be quite amusing. The perplexed look on their faces, combined with the inevitable creased brow are all parts the good plumbers arsenal

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