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Thermal Imaging
Leak Detection


We have invested in thermal imaging cameras and moisture metres, these cameras are state of the art thermal cameras.

We can detect leaks in walls, by picking up thermal pictures of the hot and cold radiated from the pipe work.

This method is very successful in the leak detection field.

We use cameras of a briliant quality from the brand Flir.

Drain Cleaning /
High Pressure Drain Cleaning


We do the normal standard drain clearing with drain rods, and we also specialize with a high-pressure drain cleaning machine. We use a machine called the King Cobra which is imported from Australia and we can push out Maximum 300 Bar of pressure, this machine is trolley mounted and can be moved around a property with ease it is built so that it can fit through a standard door frame.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Maintenance Plumbing


If you thinking about giving your bathroom or kitchen makeover, you are at the right place.
We specialise in renovating bathrooms and kitchens.

The Andrew Duncan Plumbing team has done some fantastic renovations.

See our pictures in the project's gallery to view a few of our wonderful renovations with very happy clients.

Working Tools

We specialise in all forms of plumbing maintenance domestic, commercial and Industrial. We can fix the smallest problem to large problems, from tap washers to replacing burst geysers; we do basin, bath, toilet, kitchen sink etc. installations. Fixing of burst pipes, fixing leaking toilets and basins and sinks, we can fix any plumbing problem no matter how small the problem.


Andrew Duncan Plumbing is known for its quality and professionalism.

We offer a 1 year guarantee on our workmanship.

We are confident in the workmanship we provide and know you will be as well.

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