Putting Together a Directory For Plumbers In Cape Town

If you are looking for an innovative idea that could net you a lot of money, how about putting together a directory of specialists in a city? For example, plumbers in Cape Town could be looking for a place to advertise their services to the public. The public could be looking for a place where they can find plumbers who are close to them and whose rates are affordable. It makes sense in this case to put together a directory so that one can find the other.

A plumbing directory would depend entirely on the sale of space. Though you would have to pay for printing and distribution yourself, the money you could make from ad sales would more than make up for it. And the best part is that you don’t just have to advertise plumbers. You can also advertise plumbing courses Cape Town so that young men and women looking for a career path to follow could sign up to become plumbers easily. You could also advertise the name and addresses of plumbing supplies Cape Town so that when plumbers or even ordinary people are looking for a place to purchase their tools, pipes and other paraphernalia, they can find it really easily.

A directory that advertises plumbing services could be exactly what the city has been waiting for. And one of the great benefits is that you don’t even have to devote a lot of time to it. If you already are a plumber, you can advertise ad hoc plumber services and look for jobs while you sell ad space in your directory. This could ensure you two streams of income. Of course, you would have to devote time and effort to making it work but in the long term it could be a great way for you to make money.

Another benefit of this idea is that you could potentially be encouraging the economy of the country by employing those who don’t have jobs to sell ad space, to do design and printing and even to look for new business ventures along the same lines. It all begins with you and an idea.

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