Basic Plumbing Problems

The plumbing is considered one of the greatest gifts of modern civilization. Plumbing supplies us with water and removes waste from our homes. Plumbing uses the basic laws of nature and science like gravity, pressure and the way water always tries seeking its own level. These are the major principle of plumbing and hence can cause most basic plumbing problems.
A house’s plumbing system has two different plumbing subsystems: one subsystem brings water to the house and another takes used water away. These two subsystems always remain separate. Pressure is used to make the water travel to and around your house. A lack of water pressure or too much water pressure is a symptom of a basic plumbing problem such as faulty or worn-out pressure regulators or valves; elevation problems, water leaks and mineral deposit build-up.
The main water shutoff or stop valve is usually located near to the water meter that measures how much water your house is using. Turn off the flow of water to the house as soon as a pipe burst or you find a large leak. A plumber can recommend the best time to turn on and off your main water valve if you are unsure. Checking your meter regularly will help you pick up if there is a problem in your water usage. There may be an easy explanation for the rise in water usage such as increased people in the house but a high usage of water can also indicate leaks in the pipes. Check your outdoor pipes regularly for leaks. Sometimes the nuts or bolts need to be tightened or the silicone needs to be replaced, but if a leak persists then call in professional help. For internal pipes check for any signs of water damage (mould or water marks) that may indicate a leak.
Geysers are complex water heating systems. If you encounter a problem with your geyser, it bursts or stops working, the best thing to do is to turn off your water supply and immediately call a plumber or geyser technician.  Geysers are dangerous to handle without protective clothing as they are very hot and electrocution can happen.

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