Drain Jetting Services in Cape Town

Every building with a drainage system (homes, businesses, restaurants, schools, malls, hotels, hospitals, etc.) is subject to regular clogging. Because of this accumulation, flooding, unpleasant odours, contaminated water, and damage to property can occur, all of which pose health risks, are expensive to fix, and take a significant amount of time to resolve. This is where drain jetting can help in your property maintenance.

To clean drains with a hydro jet, a high-pressure hose is fitted with a specialised nozzle. This nozzle is linked to a water-pressurization unit, so its output is a powerful stream that cuts through debris and spins rapidly to flush the drain. Fats, oils, grease,ย mud, sludge,ย andย roots are just a few examples of the many things that can clog and damage drain lines. Although there are numerous devices, nozzles, as well as other tools that are available for such tasks, drain jetting continues to be one of the simplest and safest approaches to clearing out drains and drain lines.

High-pressure water streams routed through specialised jetting nozzles are used to jet into drains and drain lines to clear obstructions and perform routine maintenance to avoid sewage backups. Drain jetting is essential for maintaining the best possible condition of stormwater drains as well as drain lines in any setting, whether it be a private home or a metropolitan area.

Drain jetting equipment comes in a variety of forms and configurations, including hydro jetters, drain cleaners, and skid-mounted units.. It doesn’t matter what you call it or what you mount it on, its function is the same: to clear blockages and unwanted items from drain systems.

High-pressure jetting hose is stored on a reel and fed water by a high-pressure pump. This hose needs to be calibrated to the system’s pressure and flow rate. The nozzle adds pressure to the system once it is connected to the end of the jetting hose. Each nozzle is engineered to reverse the flow of water as it exits at high pressure. It will aid in pushing the nozzle further along the line and trying to pull the jetting hose out through the pipe. Nozzle sizes should correspond with the generator and water pump configuration. You must also take into account the pressure drop caused by the jetting hose’s outer diameter and its length.

The flow of water can be angled in a number of ways to achieve different results when cleaning pipes. However, the nozzle’s suction will be reduced as a result. Maximum pulling power is achieved with water streams directed along the pipe’s centerline, but less effective cleaning of the pipe’s walls results.

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