Water Compliance Certificates in Cape Town CoC

The City of Cape Town bylaws mandate that a plumbing compliance certificate needs to be issued by a licenced plumber and emailed to the Council prior to transfer registration. In 2011, the City of Cape Town Municipality further enacted a new water by-law requiring that all property sellers within the jurisdiction of Cape Town must provide a valid water installation certificate of compliance to the municipality prior to the transfer of ownership.

The cities goal with the intoduction of this bylaw is to manage water resources, limit water loss, and protect public health and safety. The bylaw is further intended to protect home buyers from hidden defects and excessive costs when purchasing a property.

Cape Town City Council is not only party that requires CoC certificates for plumbing works. Bond holders are subject to the regulation for bond approval and household insurance policies are frequently subject to a valid certificate of compliance.

The Water Installation Certificate of Compliance

The requirements for water compliance certificates are limited to verifying that:

  • The water installation is compliant with national building codes.
  • The water metre is recording the actual water usage.
  • There aren’t any defects that could lead to water loss.
  • There are no stormwater leaks in the sewer system.

Before a CoC can be issued to a property owner. The licenced plumber must:

  • Check that the water metre is still once all taps are shut, indicating that there are no leaks on the peoperty.
  • Verify that stormwater flows into storm drains and sewage flows into sewerage drains by inspecting the roof gutters, storm water drains, and sewerage manholes.
  • Plumbers must confirm that the geyser smeets SABS requirements and is safe for use.
  • Check the pipes beneath sinks and basins.
  • Ensure that all exterior pipes are secured properly.

Validity of WICC

A certificate of compliance for plumbing is legally valid for six months. However, this time frame is subject to the condition that the certified plumbing has not undergone any alterations, modifications, or upgrades since the last certificate of compliance was issued. Therafter a CoC needs to be re-issued by a licenced plumber in order for it to remain valid.

Why Choose Andrew Duncan Plumbers?

Andrew Duncan Plumbers are registered plumbers that meet all the above statutory requirements and are accredited with the City of Cape Town to issue a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC) for the plumbing works inside of a new or pre-existing properties.

In the long run, hiring a qualified, registered plumber to install water and sanitation systems or fix plumbing problems in your home or business will save you time and money.

To further comply with regulations and keep their registration active, licenced plumbers are required to issue a CoC for any plumbing work they perform, including but not limited to hot water geysers, solar water heaters, heat pumps and all plumbed appliance installations or repairs.

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Obtaining a Water Compliance Certificate in Cape Town

The Water Compliance Certificate (CoC) is a mandatory requirement in Cape Town, as outlined by the city’s bylaws. To obtain this certificate, a licensed plumber must conduct a thorough inspection of your property’s plumbing system. This process involves checking the water meter for accurate readings, ensuring there are no leaks, verifying proper stormwater and sewage drainage, and inspecting the geyser for safety compliance. Andrew Duncan Plumbers streamline this process for you, ensuring that every aspect of your plumbing system meets the required standards. From initial assessment to final certification, our team is dedicated to making the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

The Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Regular plumbing maintenance is key to avoiding costly repairs and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Minor issues, if neglected, can escalate into major problems, leading to water loss or property damage. Andrew Duncan Plumbers recommends scheduling routine maintenance checks to keep your plumbing system in optimal condition. These checks can include inspecting for corrosion, ensuring toilets flush correctly, verifying water pressure, and assessing the overall health of your plumbing infrastructure. Regular maintenance not only helps in staying compliant but also extends the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures and systems.

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City of Cape Town bylaws mandate that a plumbing compliance certificate needs to be issued by a licenced plumber.

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