How To Change Bathroom Mixer Taps

To change your bathroom mixer taps is fairly easy, most people could do it themselves. Do not, try to make do or put the job off because invariably you are wasting water which is valuable and expensive.

The basic procedure remains the same for any tap. You MUST follow these steps otherwise you will have problems:

Stage one: Make sure you have your tools handy such as a shifting spanner, monkey wrench and plumbers tape (PTF tape) or plumber’s hair and old cleaning rag. Shut off the water supply to the building or unit. At the same time just in case, turn your geyser off this is in the event your geyser runs dry and will burn out. Open all taps to drain the excess water left in the pipes.

Stage two: For this article we will deal with the mixer taps in the shower or the bath. Place one or two old towels on the base of the shower or bath this will prevent you slipping around and any possible danger of damage from the tools. Now normally, to undo is a left turn, tighten is right. Apply the wrench to the mixer and turn left. It might not turn straight away due to the lime build up which causes it to stick. It should eventually give and start to turn.

Stage three: Right, the old tap is off. Clean around the hole with an old rag for all grit, grime and lime. Prepare the base screw part of your new tap with plumbers tape or hair. Make sure you have sufficient but not too much. Insert the tap into the wall and start the screw by hand. As it tightens, start using the wrench to finish off. Make sure as you get towards the final tightening the tap is straight. Once done and all is good, turn on the water at the mains. Leave all taps open for a few minutes to allow all air to escape, they’ll splutter and carry on for a short while, turn off all. Check no leaks.

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