Bold To Basic Bathroom Renovations

The best advice when considering a bathroom renovation or remodelling ideas, is to keep to your budget. Weigh up affordability versus luxury. If you can afford to replace the bath, vanity, basin, toilet and shower doors, then buy the best you can afford. If you have a really tight budget, plan to have brightly coloured or old and stained units re-sprayed in neutral colours. Spend your money wisely, consider instead changing the colour of the paint, or repainting in a fresh and light colour, or invest in a classic mirror and tap fittings.

Incorporate necessities into your budget first and thereafter luxuries.Β  Often the simplest ideas have the classiest results. Minimalistic is the modern and contemporary approach. Clear away clutter and all previous dΓ©cor items, and plan to start with a blank canvas, adding one basic bathroom renovation idea at a time.

Whether you have planned a bold or a basic bathroom renovation, choose your products carefully, they can make or break your budget. Obtain a number of quotes for labour, especially plumbing costs as these can vary considerably. Be realistic when it comes to applying your experience, skill and effort to tiling, painting, bathroom fittings and light fittings. While a bathroom is usually one of the smaller rooms in a house, it can be a costly exercise particularly when having to sub contract plumbers and electricians, but it is well worth it as it can increase the value of your home considerably.

Where lighting is minimal, consider installing a sky light to add natural lighting, or replacing windows that let in more light. Carefully consider flooring options and ensure a non slip surface that is mould resistant. Window frames can be repainted as well.

Ensure when planning your renovation that you have enough room to move around in the bathroom, a cramped space can make the room feel even smaller than it is. If the existing bathroom layout is impractical and has to change, incorporate the costs of moving plumbing and electrical components in the budget, as well as replacement units if existing units cannot be re-used.

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