Christmas And Burst Sewage Pipes

Everyone is always taught that Christmas comes once a year and it happens on December 25th. This may be true for most mortals but is definitely not the case for plumbers. Burst sewage pipes are like Christmas every time they occur. They may be disgusting and smelly but remember the more disgusting they are the brighter the lights on the plumbers Christmas tree. Even it is the middle of the night, especially the middle of the night (after hour’s rates); any plumber will gladly come and attend to your burst pipes. They will make a show of the fact that you have woken them up and they have to travel across town to look after your burst sewage pipe, but remember they do not do this free of charge. This is the true beauty of the burst sewage pipe. No one ever negotiates.

Plumbers normally rely on other people’s ignorance to justify really heavy costs, but in the case of the burst sewage pipe they do not even feel the need to justify. They will arrive at your home and take their time offloading all the necessary equipment and them they will come and have a look at your burst sewage pipe. After what seems like an age they will present you with a quote of what the job is going to cost. By this time you have dealt with your entire household screaming about the stench and mess, you will have dealt with your neighbour sniggering at your misfortune and you will be ready to hand over just about anything. People might try a play a bit of hard ball with the plumber but both parties know beyond any doubt that that is just bravado, because as soon as the plumber picks up his bag, the negotiation is over.

He/she knows that there is no way you are going to wait around for another plumber who will probably give you a similar quote. This is true power and this why plumbers get to enjoy multiple Christmases every year. People do need to remember that fixing a sewage pipe is not a pretty job

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