Could Solar Heating Cost You More Than You Think

The initial fees of solar heating could cost you a lot of money in the beginning because you have to pay for the new geyser, solar panels, the frames where the solar panels are placed in, as well as various other parts involved in installing the whole system in your house and of cause the labour of your contractor and his team. Yes it will probably cost you more than you think however in the long run your costs will decrease because you can save up to seventy percent of you electricity bill thus bringing your cost of living down.

Let us not forget that whatever system you are using whether it is solar or not you need to maintain it, so it does not make a difference because you still would need to call a plumber when your geyser bursts whether it was solar power or not. The good news is that the installers of these solar heating systems can offer a ten year guarantee for these systems, this means that should anything become faulty as result of the system failing without your negligence or sabotage then your contractor will have to repair it at no cost to you.

With these systems there is no moisture build up which causes premature roof deterioration and that alone is an indirect cost however it is still a cost. So we ask the questions again does solar heating cost you more than you think. With normal electrical heating system some insurance companies will cover you and obviously which means that you have to pay a monthly premium which is a cost, with the solar heating system you can have a warranty of twelve years that comes out with the installation which means in a way yes you are insured however your insurance in this case the cost is paid up front.

When using solar heating you are doing your bit to use less electricity thus impacting positively on the environment which basically means you costing the environment less damage whichever way you look at it. Again we ask the question is solar heating costing you more than you think? Maybe it does and maybe it does not it just depends on how you view the concept called cost.

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