Effective Ways To Deal With Burst Pipes

The biggest danger associated with burst pipes is that electrical wiring might come into contact with the resultant water damage. You must act as quickly as possible in the event of a burst pipe as this is seen as a water emergency. Until you are sure of exactly what the cause is and what the extent of the damage is, try to keep children in a secure and unaffected area of the house. There are a few important ways to minimize the damage caused by a burst pipe.

Immediately turn off the water supply at the main stopcock usually under the sink in the kitchen. Once there is no water flow, all the remaining water must be drained from the system by flushing the toilet and running the cold water taps. Water heating systems such as geysers must also be turned off and hot water taps must be drained as well. The electrical mains that control the flow of electricity throughout the whole house must be shut down. It is highly recommended that if one is not sure if any water has penetrated the main switch and there is a threat of electrocution, then one must employ the services of a qualified electrician.

These measures are only ways to prevent further damage until a professional plumber arrives to provide an effective and long lasting solution. You can put a bucket under a small leak to retain the leaking water but leaking ceilings are more dangerous because the roof could cave in.

If you have unshakeable confidence in your DIY abilities, then you may give this one a try. Just remember that when considering ways to fix a burst pipe, one must try to avoid ineffective and temporary solutions. Invite a plumber to assess the problem, find what caused the leak and offer a reliable and long-term fix. It is also advisable to also learn ways to prevent a similar problem in the future such as insulating the water supply pipes and shutting off the water supply if you will be gone for some time.

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