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Finding a plumber these days is not a difficult task as there a various ways to get hold of one, the first one would be the old way of just looking into the good old yellow pages. On the yellow pages for Cape Town alone you will find over 200 plumbers on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. Another way you can find a plumber is simply to ask somebody you know has had a drainage, geyser, pipeline or even sanitation problem to refer you to that specific plumber he/she used. This way is just the best way to go about it because you can get all the information first hand and from a reliable source because it is somebody that you trust.

You can also ask all the questions you want for example does he have a callout fee?

  1. Does he finish the job the same day?
  2. Does he have all the necessary equipment to do all the tasks?
  3. Was the plumber expensive according to you?
  4. Does this particular plumber come out at any time of the day?
  5. Is he professional?

When you have all the answers to these questions and received favorable answers for all of them from your friend or family member then you have found your perfect plumber.

Of course since now that we are in the 21st century we can always use the services of the famous information highway known as the internet which is also now available not only on our computers but also our cell phones.

This is a very quick method in which you can find a plumber however you do not know how effective, professional and trustworthy these plumbers are you can only rely on the information they have on the website and of cause they only going post positive articles which are responses from their clients that they have dealt with in the past. The other method of cause which is quite ancient but effective is checking the classifieds, effective in a way that the information is fresh as most classified are updated every week and some everyday. So yes finding a plumber is as easy as that and can be done in a number of ways, but next time you find one always find out from him what the cause of your problem was so that you know how to prevent it the next time.

General Plumbing Cape Town

General Plumber

We offer professional, high-quality plumbing services for homes in Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

General Plumber Services

Hot Water Problems Cape Town

Hot Water Problems

AD Plumber is proud to offer services, installations, and repairs for hot water, as well as repairs and services for geysersΒ all over Cape Town.

Hot Water Issues

Water Pressure Problems Cape Town

Low Water Pressure Issues

AD Plumbers can help you increase water pressure in your home if you have problems with low water pressure.

Low Water Pressure

Pipe Blockages in Cape Town

Blocked Pipes

Blocked drains can create massive plumbing problems and often lead to leaks that cost a lot of money to fix. Our team can find your blockage and clear it.

Blocked Drains & Pipes

Water Leaks

Water Leaks

Our skilled plumbers can find all kinds of water leaks using the most up-to-date water leak detection tools.

Water Leaks


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Andrew Duncan is proud to offer kitchen and bathroom plumbing renovation services to clients all over Cape Town.

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