How To Survive Burst Pipes

Burst pipes of any shape or form are an absolute nightmare for anyone who is forced to deal with them. This is true for a number of reasons. There is always a large mess associated with any burst pipes, and depending on what the pipe was carrying at the time of the burst, this mess could be a costly one. So now the burst pipes are causing collateral damage to anything that happened to be nearby and this is only the beginning because the real cost of things is about to start taking shape. The first question that enters many people’s minds when they forced to deal with a burst pipe in their homes is: are we covered for this? Those who answer in the negative are going to be facing a bleak few months because there is no such thing as a cheap solution to a burst pipe, no matter how minor it appears to be at first glance.

Plumbers love burst pipes because there is all the extra business that it creates. Plumbers will never just fix a burst pipe; they will replace a good length on either side of the burst section, but of course this is for safety not to line their pockets. The fact that plumbers are some of the richest artisans around is of course a coincidence, that many of them earn more than accountants and brain surgeons is just a question of good fortune. Many a plumber has built his/her fortune on the back of burst pipes because a lot of the time it is not just the pipes that have to be fixed; many plumbers will offer to remove any rubble that is the result of water damage from the site (at a small fee of course), and many people are surprised what the plumbers consider to be rubble.

The secret of surviving the trauma of burst pipes is to embrace the fact that you are in the middle of a mess, accept that the plumber is going to overcharge, accept that the mess is everywhere and will take ages to clean. Sit back have a glass of wine, and laugh.

Andy Duncan
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