Leaking Toilet Repair Plumber in Cape Town

Fixing a leaking toilet can be very difficult or very easy depending on the problem at hand.

Leaking into the bowl from the cistern / tank

This form of toilet leak causes an ongoing flow of water from the tank into the toilet bowl. Even a seemingly minor leak can waste a significant amount of water and cost you a lot of money in water expenses each month. In many cases the flapper could be misaligned, broken or deteriorated and causing the problem. To test this put some food colouring into the water tank and wait twenty minutes to see if the toilet has a leak the toilet water would be the colour of the food dye in the tank.

Leaking outside of the toilet bowl

It’s possible for a toilet leak to happen in a number of different places and for a number of different reasons. If your wax seal has been broken, don’t worry; it’s one of the most common seal problems and also one of the easiest to fix. Other frequent sources of leakage include the tank and bowl, both of which can be extremely expensive to fix depending on the extent of the damage or the quality of the installation.

When a toilet stops working properly, the first rule of thumb is to call s in Cape Towna plumber. They may either personally attend to your toilet’s repair needs or provide detailed instructions for doing so yourself. The time and money you would waste if you didn’t seek expert advice would be well spent if you did.

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