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Depending on what issues you have regarding your pipes, geyser, sanitation system or drainage system. When it comes to a point where your geyser bursts you , if the toilet is over flowing you just might , when your pipes are vibrating and making a loud irritating noise you do , however when your drain is blocked you can use caustic acids to unblock the drain and if that does not work then you will have to acquire the services of a professional plumber. To locate one you can either find out from somebody you know has had the same problem as the one you have, then simply pick that plumber as yours only if they successfully executed the job for the person who is referring you. The alternative is to search the internet, yellow pages and classifieds.

In some cases of renovations of bathrooms where the whole bathroom set is being stripped out and replaced you will to reinstall the new bathroom set and possibly change pressure valves, thermostats, taps and fittings. At some point of your life at any dwelling that you reside in you will because just like anything else water system equipment does go through wear and tear as a result of a number of factors like high water pressure and poor maintenance.

Home Plumbing Cape Town

Domestic Plumber

These services can include a variety of tasks such as installing and repairing pipes, fixtures, and plumbed appliances.

Domestic Plumber Services

Commercial Plumbing Cape Town

Commercial Plumber

Cape Town's go-to commercial plumber for major retailers and established companies that need a reliable local plumber.

Commercial Plumber Services

Plumbing COC Cape Town

Compliance Certificates

City of Cape Town bylaws mandate that a plumbing compliance certificate needs to be issued by a licenced plumber.

CoC Certificates

Geysers do also have a limited lifespan and they normally burst because of faulty thermostats, high pressure water, freezing temperatures and old age. Plumbers are also needed when new developments are being built like a new block of flats or a residential complex however these are normally built by property developers who have their own plumbers that they have used previously for their other developments. The need for a plumber will always be constant their, function is one which is too involved to be replaced by robots, it basically needs the human touch and understanding for a machine to just simply take the job of a plumber is not going to work. Plumbing needs skills like inspection, diagnosis, strategy, design as well as implementation and evaluation.

General Plumbing Cape Town

General Plumber

We offer professional, high-quality plumbing services for homes in Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

General Plumber Services

Hot Water Problems Cape Town

Hot Water Problems

AD Plumber is proud to offer services, installations, and repairs for hot water, as well as repairs and services for geysersΒ all over Cape Town.

Hot Water Issues

Water Pressure Problems Cape Town

Low Water Pressure Issues

AD Plumbers can help you increase water pressure in your home if you have problems with low water pressure.

Low Water Pressure

Pipe Blockages in Cape Town

Blocked Pipes

Blocked drains can create massive plumbing problems and often lead to leaks that cost a lot of money to fix. Our team can find your blockage and clear it.

Blocked Drains & Pipes

Water Leaks

Water Leaks

Our skilled plumbers can find all kinds of water leaks using the most up-to-date water leak detection tools.

Water Leaks


Renovation Plumbing

Andrew Duncan is proud to offer kitchen and bathroom plumbing renovation services to clients all over Cape Town.

Kitchen / Batroom Renovations

Honest Pricing Saves Money

Unlike certain plumbers, we do not raise our prices at the end of a job to account for "unexpected" plumbing issues. On nearly every job, we are less expensive.

Most satisfied customers

AD Plumbing has an outstanding satisfaction rate with a near-perfect 5-star rating thanks to our excellent customer service.

Plumbing Emergencies

We are the emergency plumber Cape Town residents rely on; we have locals ready to be dispatched near you.

Certified and Licenced in Cape Town

Plumbing that is fully licenced and insured should only be performed by local plumbers who have the necessary insurance to safeguard you and your home.

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