Plumber Or Extortionist

The reason that the modern plumber has such a bad reputation is because the modern plumber has earned every bit of it. A plumber is the lord of the artisans, someone once described bartenders as the aristocrats of the service industry, while using that metaphor to describe the role of the plumber in the grander scheme of things, one would have to say that the plumber is rivals only by the electrician when it comes to the title of lord of the artisans.
A plumber can make a man or woman shudder with one look or flick of his/her brow. That tell-tale dab of the pencil on the tongue of the plumber has become a trade mark so common that one would be forgiven for assuming that it is taught in plumber school.
The children of the plumber are never seen wearing old clothes because as the plumber you have the right and power to decide how much money you would like to make. A plumber who is not afraid of being vilified and hated by the/her customers can make an absolute fortune. The plumber will charge pretty much any price that pops into his/her head knowing that there is no real time to haggle if the plumber is already on the property.
This is an indication of the fact the resident handy person has already had a go at trying to fix the reason behind the plumber being called, and the household or business are resigned to the fact that they are prone to be taken to the cleaners by the plumber because he /she is not stupid and knows the process involved before anyone calls the plumber.
Everyone knows that plumber will charge over the odds and always tries to dodge the charge but in the end if the plumber called soon the bank manager will soon follow. Heaven only help the individual who decided to see if the problem would sort itself out during the night because they did not want to pay the lateย call outย fee, which every plumber is right to charge, and hence they do.
Andy Duncan
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