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Working in any profession presents its own challenges and has its own ups and from day to day. While these can be based on a number of factors, it is pertinent to note that the geographical location of one’s working environment is critical to the way one works. A plumber in Cape Town has many requirements and responsibilities. While these may be the same as those encountered by plumbers in any other city in the country or the world for that matter, there are a few requirements or combination of requirements that may be particular to Cape Town.
A plumber working in Cape Town needs to be suitably qualified depending on the level at which they need to operate. In addition, the plumber must be properly accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority. With these requirements on their qualifications met, the city fathers require that plumbers perform certain duties on the city’s behalf. In order to improve the standard of housing in the Mother City, home owners must have a water compliance certificate before they can put up their property for sale. This certificate can only be issued by a plumber who is properly registered by the city. In order to issue the home seller with the certificate, the following conditions will have to be satisfied. They need to confirm that the hot water cylinders comply with the standards SANS 10252 and SANS 10254 as well as the fact that the water meters register. This means that the meters actually read accurately the water that is used in the house-hold.
A critical function the plumber has to perform for the city is to check that there are no leaks in the various city buildings which is a way of ensuring that the city does not waste water. It is also essential for the plumber to note that the pipes are in position and there is no chance of them breaking and wasting water in the near future. In order to safeguard the city water, the plumber needs to ensure that there is no cross connection between the portable water and the grey or ground water.

The Plumbing Company of Andrew Duncan, of Cape Town

If you want to keep your home or business running smoothly and safely, as well as keep Cape Town’s ground water clean, you need to hire a professional plumber. Professional plumbers like those at Andrew Duncan in Cape Town are fully capable of putting in, fixing, and maintaining any kind of plumbing system. We can do anything from repairing broken fixtures like water taps and bathroom fixtures to installing brand-new systems like geysers and sewer lines and ensuring that your plumbing complies with local building codes.
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