Preparing For Building Renovations

Renovating your home or office is little more time consuming than improving just the kitchen or bathroom. A lot more planning goes into building renovations. The degree of structural and financial planning that goes into these renovations is determined largely by the size of the building and the budget. Renovations are effected for many different reasons such as complying with structural guidelines, changes that occur when a business grows and must make space for new employees or simply to give your home a new and modern finish. Here are some tips:  
β€’ Good preparations speed up the renovations process. If the renovations are going to be intrusive, loud, dirty and render the space unsafe, you have to live in a separate area of the home that is unaffected by the work or even consider alternative temporary accommodation. In the case of a business, renting offices at a different address for a short while might be the only option. Notify neighbors of the workers that will be up and down the property as well as the noise factor.
β€’ Do your research. Find out all you can about the process of renovations and things to watch out for. This is especially helpful when it comes to minimizing the cost of goods and labor. Don’t just take a salesman’s word for it; get different quotes for demolishers, electricians and plumbers. Find a reputable construction company and discuss all the options available to you and the time it might take to conclude all the work.
β€’ Put your ideas on paper and present them to the various tradesmen so they can advise you on the implications of your design and also recommend possible alternatives. A reputable and affordable architect must be consulted and asked to look at the final plan for any suggestions, final changes and approval.
β€’ Consider the legalities associated with the renovations. Make sure you acquire the relevant insurance to cover any valid liability claims and that your plans are in line with council permits
β€’ Safety must always be a priority during the renovations and responsible behavior must be practiced.

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