Taking A Look At Burst Pipes

Let’s face it one of the biggest problems that you can probably encounter when you have a home, is the problem named a burst pipe. Burst pipes can be very expensive to fix, and it might just help if you do happen to have insurance.

But first let’s look at what causes a pipe to burst.  Well many water pipes bursts due to water that freezes in the pipes. Most of the times this usually occurs in the winter time.  What happens is, when the water freezes, it expands. This then puts a lot of pressure on the pipes. It doesn’t really matter from witch material the pipe is made of, if it is a strong material, then eventually the pipe will still burst as it is softened / weaken with time. Warm water pipes on the other hand may be more resistant to freezing water than the cold water pipes.

When you do have a burst pipe problem, then the best solution or the only option would be to get a professional plumber to come and fix the pipes. Professional people are expensive, but you want the quality of work to only be the best right? Hopefully you are lucky enough to have insurance which will cover some of your expenses.

Now let’s take a look at what you can maybe do, to avoid the problem of having a burst pipe in the house.  If you are lucky enough to just see the problem in time before the pipe bursts, then what you can do is, to take towels for instance that are soaked in warm water and then try to release some of the freezing by putting the towels on the pipes.

If you are not so lucky then you can always try the following tips:
You can insulate the pipes if it is not done already and a tap that is dripping can also cause water to freeze, so repair them when you see it.  Also in the winter time, try and keep the house or rooms in the house warm, as the warm air can help you a lot.

An important thing that you should always remember is to keep water running through pipes, especially in the cold times. And should you have a burst pipe, one thing that you can do to reduce the flooding water, is to open all the taps. By doing this you will also release some of the pressure on the pipes.

We hope that this article will help you in the event of a bursting pipe.

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