The Danger Involved In Burst Geysers

If you were to ask any builder what is one of the most dangerous things that you could work around on a site, he or she would not hesitate. He/she would tell you that burst geysers are very dangerous. This is not just because of the mess that burst geysers can cause or the danger of having all that hot water spraying everywhere, but the real hazard is the fact that you can never really be sure when geysers are going to burst. This is why people fear burst geysers so much.

It is not just the risk attached to the damage that they can cause but also the risk that your bank balance faces. As anyone who has had to replace a burst geyser or a geyser that is about to burst, will tell you this is never a cheap affair, because it is not just a case of replacing the geyser but also any pipes which may have weakened the system. This is why plumbers love geysers.
Burst geysers or geysers which look as if that might burst are like golden geese to plumbers. They will never give you a quote over the phone. Plumbers will say that this is because they need to visit the site to assess the damage first and any quote given over the phone may not reflect the actual damage which the burst geyser has caused or may cause. They plumber wants to have a look at your home so that he/she can judge for themselves how much you can afford to pay. They are not interested in giving you a bill which out of your range because then they will never see a dime, so they make a full tour of your property and give you a quote based on how much they believe they can bleed you for.
This may sound far-fetched but feel free to conduct your own burst geyser market research. Get two of your friends who live indifferent neighbourhoods to ask the same plumber for a quote for a burst geyser and you will see for yourself just far the quotes are from one another.

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