The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is probably the one area that all men/women have at some point or another tried to fix. It always looks so straightforward, yet it can so often go so very wrong. Due to the nature of the kitchen sink there are often lots very undesirable objects stuck in the drain or pipes. Since people live in fear of what plumbers can charge for the most routine operations, most home owners are very willing to have go at fixing it.

This would be a great idea if the home owners had any sort of practical experience in fixing this of thing and if they had all the correct tools necessary to do the job. Sadly, to get both of these conditions met is often very tricky. Firstly it is only a very small percentage of people who have any practical experience in these matters and secondly it is an even smaller percentage that has the correct tools required by the job in question.
The problem with the kitchen sink is that it is in the kitchen. This sounds like a statement of the obvious, which it is, but it is necessary one, because the kitchen is where all the food is prepared and it is often the most common gathering place in the home, added to this, it is also more often than not one of the main entrances to the home. This means that when something is wrong with the kitchen sink and it smells rather ripe, it causes all sorts of unpleasantness.

No one wants to eat food that comes out of a smelly kitchen; people do not want to socialise in a room that has a funky odour and who wants the first impression that visitors have of your home to be a smelly kitchen sink. This last point is what drives housewives to demand that kitchen sink issues are resolved as quickly as possible and this is what forces their spouses to try and get creative in the repair of the sink, sadly most the time the plumber is still called, and his/her quote pantomime begins.

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