The Nightmare Of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes truly are the bane of whoever is unlucky enough to have to deal with them. If you are forced to deal with burst pipes in a work environment you can get away with a certain amount of detachment unless you work for yourself and have to deal with the plumber’s expense on your own. Burst pipes can wreak havoc in any bar or restaurant setting because the burst pipes invariably lead to a massive mess which violates all kinds of health and safety issues. The added problem with burst pipes in a work setting is that you have to try and keep it as quiet as possible, without alarming the patrons.

Burst pipes in the home are no less costly and always seem to happen at the most inopportune moments, namely when you are fast asleep, or at work and some frantic neighbour calls you in a panic. The favourite time that burst pipes occur in the home is when you are fast asleep because this means that it is after hours and that in turn means that the plumber is going to charge you the earth to come out and affect any repairs. The option to leave it till morning is not really realistic because the amount of water damage that burst pipes can cause is horrific.

This is of course assuming that the pipes that have burst are water pipes. The other options are gas (again a massive expense to repair) where it is not a mess you are worried about, but instead the lives of everyone nearby; the alternative that most home and business owners fear the most is the good old burst sewer pipe. .There is no burst pipe that fills people with more dread because everyone knows that there is no chance of a do it yourself solution here.

No one is going to risk a half-hearted job here or any kind of postponement. If you are a plumber with a strong stomach then this is favourite call-out because this is one of situations where you really do hold all the aces.

Andy Duncan
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