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Unseen water leaks pose a serious threat in any washroom. They cause mildew and mould to grow behind walls, which in turn, can weaken the walls or flooring and create a breeding ground for insects and rodents. It is critical to know how to locate a hidden leak and fix it before the problem gets out of hand. AD Plumbers use a variety of non-destructive techniques and tools to locate water leaks in plumbing systems in your home or business.

Did you know it may take months for water damage to become noticeable after it has occurred? It’s possible that harm is being done to your property even if you can’t see it. Leaks, particularly those that go undetected, can cause costly damage to the surrounding area but it’s not only the dammage leaks can cause the growth of mould and mildew is a major health risk associated with undetected leaks.

When you hire AD Plumbing, we’ll send in our infrared scanning camera to inspect your home for signs of water damage and hidden leaks. Infrared scanning can also reveal other issues beyond water damage that may need your attention and is highly reccomeded for property buyers and owners getting a full view of any property.

Wall Leak Detection

Walls that have a leak can be identified by the presence of telltale signs of water damage, such as peeling paint or wallpaper or discoloured patches. Inside mustiness is another sign of a water leak. Locating water damage from leaking walls with an infrared thermal imaging camera. Thermographic cameras cannot “see” moisture in walls, but they can detect the minute temperature variations and patterns that indicate its presence. Until water begins to drip from the ceiling, it can be difficult to tell if there is a problem with moisture in a building.

Bathroom / Shower / KitchenΒ  Leak Detection

When it comes to finding plumbing leaks in the bathroom, infrared cameras are one of the best tools available. In order to get reliable results from the thermal leak detection systems plumbers need to have a level of experience and skill in using the equipment. Kitchens and bathrooms often have sealed cabinetry like counters or kitchen carcasses or sunken baths where the actual leak may indeed not be too obvious (even to an experienced plumber). This is where the correct application of thermal imaging equipment can indeed be very helpful, preferably before the damage is done by the leak or by the investigation.

If you need any kind of plumbing work done in your Cape Town home or business, just call AD Plumbing. All of our plumbers and other tradesmen have been certified and we carry insurance for your peace of mind.

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