Tips On Installing A Steel Security Door

Steel security doors are generally installed on to the main entrance of a house or building as well as additional doors or points of entry like garage doors that may need improved security. The most common doors that are found on the majority of houses are generally light wooden doors or wood frames with thin wood paneling. The most ideal front door needs to have aesthetic properties as well as be able to withstand cold, heat, rain and other conditions that can really test the limits of a door.

When you are ready to install your steel security door make sure that you have correctly measured the door frame and entrance, check how the old door is hung. If you are doing this installation over two days make sure that when you return to finish the job the following day that you remember exactly where you left off so that you can maintain continuity. When you are ready to begin, start by removing the old door first. The next step is to remove the frame, do this by removing the retaining bolts and hacking the frame out of the cavity.

Once the entrance cavity is free of the old frame as well as any remaining debris it is time to install the new frame. Align the new frame with the entrance space making sure that it lines up correctly; be sure to remove the door leaves before installing. Plumb the frame and check that it is level, drill holes through the walls as well as the beam and bolt the door in place, make sure that any alarm installation points have been left exposed. Return the door leafs and hang them as they should be, making sure that the locking mechanism is working properly.

Next it is time to hang the steel door, makes sure that it is correctly aligned and that an even amount of spacing exists between the door and the frame all the way around. Once the door is hung lock it in place and fill in any gaps around the frame with concrete, let it dry overnight with the door still locked in place. Come back the following day, unlock the door and open it, check it and make any other necessary adjustments. If all is correct you can then proceed to plaster as well as reconnect the alarm system. Let everything settle and cure for about a week after which everything should be ready for decorating.

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