You Require The Services Of A Plumber

Most of us, at some time or another had to call in the services of a plumber only to find out that the work was not done properly or that you paid way too much.  If this sound familiar and you still have the same problems then it is time for you to call a plumber.  You might consider Alpha Drains & Plumbing who has been around since 1989 and have eleven fully equipped teams working for them.  The also have a blockage team and a water leak detection team allowing them to give the customer a same day service.
They operate on a 24 hour basis and are able to offer you services such as electronically detecting a water leak, repair or replace sewer piping, clear blocked drains through the use of a rotary drain cleaning machine giving you a three month guarantee, the replacement of geysers and geyser components, the replacement and repair of gutters, the sorting out of burst water pipes and leaking roofs to name but a few.   
If you find yourself in Cape Town and the surrounding areas you can contact Dial-a-Plumber which will be able to assist you with geyser problems, burst pipes, blocked drains, new installations and renovations to name but a few.
On Call Plumbers 24/7 is also available for all your plumbing needs.  Their free quotes are non obligation and they are able to give you same day services.  All inspections are done free of charge and there are no call out fees provided you are not outside the 40 kilometre radius of their offices.  They specialize in leaking and dripping of toilets, basins, taps and so forth, leaking of water pipes, repairs and replacements as well as the replacement and installation of geysers.  Solar geyser replacements and installations are also done by them including the installation of solar panels for the swimming pool.  The list of services they specialize in goes on and on, so it is best for you to go onto the internet and see for yourself what they all are able to help you with.  They guarantee a fast, friendly and professional service.

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