Full Bathrooms Renovations

Bathrooms are one of the rooms of the house whereby you cannot just change the sink alone, you actually have to change the whole set in order to have perfect colour coordination. This allows for a new uniform look which is pleasant for anyone who wants a good relaxation time while using the bathroom facility in their home, this is important because people want to come home and unwind. For a full bathroom renovation you need a new sink , bath tub , mirror and frame , toilet and toilet seat. These are available are some hardware stores , hyper stores , hyper markets and builder’s stores and warehouse. What is also important and cannot be overlooked or ignored is tiles, tiles do not have to be the same colour but should compliment the colours of the sink, bath, toilet and mirror frame.

Having trendy styled taps is also good for the bathroom renovation and coordination, however when it comes to taps and shower heads it is also advisable to also seek assistance of a professional plumber as this is not only a bathroom cosmetic renovation it is also quite technical and not interior decorator knowledge. Yes bathroom renovation must look nice on the outside but it must also work well underneath, for example if the technical aspects of the bathroom renovation is not properly installed in terms of equipment specifications the full bathroom can fall apart caused but high pressure pipes vibrating which can also loosen tiles which can finally fall over and crack.

Let us not forget that renovations and costs go hand in hand, the materials alone for alone which is tiles , bath tub , sink , toilet an mirrors can be at least R5000 for the full set, other material like taps and pipes can be about R2000 and the plumber to fit it all in for can cost from as little as R1500 – R3500 depending plumber you chose to do the installations and fittings for you. The good part is that these bathroom materials and appliances you buy do come with at least a one year guarantee varying from supplier to supplier and some plumbers do offer guarantees on their workmanship. So it will be a good idea for one to make sure that they only deal with a guaranteed service.

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