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AD Plumbing Rondebosch East is the company to call when you need professional plumbing services. Because of our expertise, experience and access to high-quality equipment, our plumbers can resolve the vast majority of plumbing problems right away.
We are your local plumber for piping in a bathroom renovation, replacing a tap, or installing a water purification system. Please contact AD Plumber Services Rondebosch East. All of your standard plumbing repairs can be handled quickly and efficiently by our skilled team of plumbers.

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If you’re having plumbing issues, we can send out one of our helpful plumbers to your house to help you fix it.

In addition to this AD Plumbers can perform all types of plumbing maintenance work such as unblocking drains, fixing leaking toilets and taps, repairing water heaters and much more.
We don’t just finish the job and deliver you the invoice like other companies do in Cape Town We provide a comprehensive approach plumbing service with after-sales support that is dependable, effective, and tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

More Plumbing Services In Rondebosch East

General Plumbing Cape Town

General Plumber

We offer professional, high-quality plumbing services for homes in Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

General Plumber Services

Hot Water Problems Cape Town

Hot Water Problems

AD Plumber is proud to offer services, installations, and repairs for hot water, as well as repairs and services for geysersΒ all over Cape Town.

Hot Water Issues

Water Pressure Problems Cape Town

Low Water Pressure Issues

AD Plumbers can help you increase water pressure in your home if you have problems with low water pressure.

Low Water Pressure

Pipe Blockages in Cape Town

Blocked Pipes

Blocked drains can create massive plumbing problems and often lead to leaks that cost a lot of money to fix. Our team can find your blockage and clear it.

Blocked Drains & Pipes

Water Leaks

Water Leaks

Our skilled plumbers can find all kinds of water leaks using the most up-to-date water leak detection tools.

Water Leaks


Renovation Plumbing

Andrew Duncan is proud to offer kitchen and bathroom plumbing renovation services to clients all over Cape Town.

Kitchen / Batroom Renovations

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Struggling with plumbing issues in Cape Town? Look no further than AD Plumbers, your trusted local experts for all your plumbing needs. From fixing leaky taps and clogged drains to installing new geysers and intricate water systems, our team of certified and experienced professionals is equipped to handle any plumbing challenge. Whether you're in the middle of a plumbing emergency or planning a large-scale renovation, AD Plumbers offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs. Don't compromise on quality - choose AD Plumbers and experience top-tier service backed by glowing customer reviews and industry certifications. Fix it right the first time, every time, with AD Plumbers in Cape Town.

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Connecting a Washing Machine in Rondebosch East

Do you need some help setting up a washing machine / dishwasher? All you have to do is ask, and our trained professionals will set up the new appliance for you. Wastewater is typically channelled into a gully before entering the Cape Town sewage system. Usually we’ll just attach your new drain to an existing pipe in the area, but occasionally we will need to cut into your wall to reach the gully. Andrew Duncans Plumbers in Rondebosch East are licenced installers of all plumbing appliances in Rondebosch East.

Installing Fixing or Replacing Geysers in Rondebosch East

Same day geyser installations replacement and repair services in Rondebosch East. Andrew Duncan is a cost-effective, certified plumber for geyser servicing and repairs for homes and businesses based in Rondebosch East. We handle burst geyser replacement, geyser repairs, thermostat replacement or geyser element replacements, leaking geyser repairs, safety valves or TP valve replacements. Solar geyser installations, solar geyser repairs and troubleshooting. Andy Duncan also handles geyser temperature adjustments and vacuum breakers replacements. Backed by our standards compliant 1 year workmanship guarantee.

Finding Leaks In Rondebosch East

By using specialised equipment and techniques, plumbers can quickly and accurately locate plumbing leaks and make the necessary repairs to prevent water damage and other problems. This can involve replacing damaged pipes, fittings, or fixtures, or applying sealants or other materials to stop the leak. In some cases, the plumber may need to shut off the water supply to the affected area in order to make the repairs.

Overflowing Toilet / Toilet Repairs

AD plumbing can fix any type of leaking or malfunctioning toilet, from homes to businesses in Rondebosch East, we fix running toilets or unclog a toilet that is backed up. Our plumbers in Rondebosch East are well versed at fixing leaking toilets, installing new toilets, and replacing old ones. AD Plumbers are experts at clearing any drain, including clogs in bathroom, kitchen and sewer lines.

AD Plumbing has stayed true to its founding principles, based on providing high quality, reliable plumbing services at fair rates. Our company has been operating successfully in the Rondebosch East and surrounding suburbs of Cape Town for over 20 years. Our job is to ensure your home or business plumbing operates safely, economically and smoothly, without you having to think about it.

Honest Pricing Saves Money

Unlike certain plumbers, we do not raise our prices at the end of a job to account for "unexpected" plumbing issues. On nearly every job, we are less expensive.

Most satisfied customers

AD Plumbing has an outstanding satisfaction rate with a near-perfect 5-star rating thanks to our excellent customer service.

Plumbing Emergencies

We are the emergency plumber Cape Town residents rely on; we have locals ready to be dispatched near you.

Certified and Licenced in Cape Town

Plumbing that is fully licenced and insured should only be performed by local plumbers who have the necessary insurance to safeguard you and your home.

Sothern Suburbs Plumbing Services

Andrew Duncan Plumbing primarily operates within a 15km radius to the North and South of the Southern Suburbs, where we are based. This service area encompasses the Atlantic Seaboard, City Bowl of Cape Town and, of course, the Southern Suburbs. Our qualified plumbers are available throughout the following plumbing service areas.

At Andy Duncan Plumbing, we specialize in providing top-tier plumbing services for bathroom renovations in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your existing bathroom, allowing us to understand the scope of the plumbing work needed, whether it’s minor adjustments or a complete overhaul. We focus on installing and updating essential plumbing fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and cisterns, always aligning with your design ideas and budget. Our commitment is to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your bathroom’s plumbing system while minimizing the need for structural changes, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing water system and electrical connections.

Collaborating closely with other skilled contractors for non-plumbing tasks like tiling and painting, we ensure a comprehensive and cohesive renovation process. The expertise of Andy Duncan Plumbing guarantees that all plumbing aspects of your bathroom renovation are executed flawlessly, from ensuring proper water flow and pressure to the professional installation of fixtures. Upon completion, we conduct a detailed inspection to assure that every aspect of the plumbing work meets our high standards of quality and reliability. For those planning a bathroom renovation in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, Andy Duncan Plumbing is your go-to expert for all renovation plumbing needs, committed to transforming your bathroom into a perfectly functioning and aesthetically pleasing space.

Southern Suburbs Plumbing Renovations

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