Plumbers Available In the Southern Suburbs

Many of the plumbers that work in the Southern Suburbs are only available in the area and not in the whole of the Western Cape. This is unfortunate as most of them are really good and could be of great value to the rest of the Western Cape as well, if not the whole of South Africa.

The AD Plumbing is one of the most reputable and well-known plumbing companies in South Africa. This plumbing business offers its services to consumers in many areas within Cape Town. The headquarters are in Plumstead, the Southern Suburbs; hence it is most recognised there. Having been established in 1979, the AD Plumbing has just about 33 years of experience in providing plumbing services. What makes it even more reputable is the fact that its founder and currently Andy Duncan is one of the top plumbers in Cape Town.

Cape Town Plumbers Certificate

Residents of the Southern Suburbs are spoilt for choice when it comes to contracting highly regarded plumbers within the area. Mobile Plumbers is another plumbing services enterprise which has been around for a long time and has acquired experience and expertise and has built a good name for itself over the years. They offer services such as construction and maintenance of plumbing works, installation and fixing of leaking geysers, kitchen and bathroom alterations, working with blocked drains detecting underground water leaks using electronic equipment.

Sothern Suburbs Plumbing Services

Andrew Duncan Plumbing primarily operates within a 15km radius to the North and South of the Southern Suburbs, where we are based. This service area encompasses the Atlantic Seaboard, City Bowl of Cape Town and, of course, the Southern Suburbs. Our qualified plumbers are available throughout the following plumbing service areas.

Mobile Plumbers offer their services to the the Southern Suburbs areas including the Southern Suburbs, and the Southern Suburbs -east, -west. –North and the Southern Suburbs –south.

AD Plumbing is a more diversified business which offers not only plumbing services but electrician services too to the whole of the Southern Suburbs. They guarantee transparent prices and services which are done right the first time. This business offers services of all consumers plumbing and electrical needs with no call out fee charged.

AD Plumbing also has a dedicated emergency line where consumers can call in whatever the time of day or night with their plumbing and/or electricity problems no matter where in the Western Cape the consumer is. It is just unfortunate that Plumbing 247 is mostly known in the Southern Suburbs as the rest of the Western Cape could also make use of their efficient services.

Honest Pricing Saves Money

Unlike certain plumbers, we do not raise our prices at the end of a job to account for "unexpected" plumbing issues. On nearly every job, we are less expensive.

Most satisfied customers

AD Plumbing has an outstanding satisfaction rate with a near-perfect 5-star rating thanks to our excellent customer service.

Plumbing Emergencies

We are the emergency plumber Cape Town residents rely on; we have locals ready to be dispatched near you.

Certified and Licenced in Cape Town

Plumbing that is fully licenced and insured should only be performed by local plumbers who have the necessary insurance to safeguard you and your home.

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